DC Holdings Limited was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from the Legend Group. In 2001, it was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code 00861.HK).

Since its incorporation ten years ago, DC Holdings has constantly worked towards realizing its vision of a “DC Holdings,” responding to changes in the field and leading technological and innovative transformation.

In its early years, DC Holdings focused on the creation of a complete value chain of digital information technology, providing end-to-end IT services. Since then, it has become China’s largest integrated IT service provider.

In 2010, DC Holdings officially unveiled its Sm@rt City strategy, commencing the deployment of a comprehensive Sm@rt City business network. Today, it has firmly established itself as China’s top name in Sm@rt City construction, serving as market leader in terms of vision, technology and implementation.

Relying on its extensive operations throughout China, the support of cloud computing, big data technology and in-depth industry integration, DC Holdings’ operations are now expanding into fields related to Internet In 2016, they moved into Internet + urban services, the Internet + Agricultural industry and Internet + Supply Chains. Throughout this process, DC Holdings has maintained its commitment to become China’s leading cloud services provider and big data expert.

  • December
    • In 2015, DC Holdings launched eight different public information service platforms in Chengdu, Chongqing, Longyan, and Jingmen. On December 18, Beijing’s new city website (www.beijing.cn) went up, and, following this, Wuxi’s public services platform was launched on December 25. DC Holdings has, to date, launched its public information service platform in a total of 18 cities throughout China. In addition, DC Holdings’s Sm@rt Cities have attracted a huge amount of attention. In August, the governments of Benxi and Weihai received funds to launch and develop their own sectors of the “National Information Construction Pilot Project.” This project uses data released by the government to create public service platforms in target cities. Its goal is to benefit the people and make life for city residents more convenient. In November, Three cities including Benxi, Nantong, and Changshu each received the “Euro-China Green and Smart City” award. DC Holdings’s construction of Sm@rt Cities has reaped great rewards; it has become the industry’s leading model for projects of this type.
    • In December, DC Holdings Information Technology Service (hereafter referred to DCITS, stock code 000555) which is owned by DC Holdings, was successful in its bid for the “Beijing-Shanghai Line” two phase construction project. This line serves as the backbone of secure quantum communications, and DCITS will be taking on the construction of the entire platform system in addition to implementing secure quantum key distribution and expanding of the system into Beijing, Hebei and Shandong Provinces. The is the second bid won by DCITS. Its initial project was construction of the “Beijing-Shanghai Line,” completed in 2014. Serving as the backbone of secure quantum communications, this 1000km fiber-optical network was the first secure quantum communications line in China. As a key technology for protecting the security of communications for our society now and in the future, the quantum communications market is estimated to increase to the level of 100 billion within the next ten years.
    • In December, Digital China IT Logistics successfully signed a contract with China Telecom’s “esurfing” becoming a national third-party logistics service supplier for three major terminal operator companies. It also successfully initiated wide-ranging expansion within the communications industry, helping it gain market dominance.
  • November
    • On November 5Holdings officially released its “Internet+Agriculture” strategy in Yangling, Shaanxi Province. Prior to this, it had acquired Zhongnong Xinda, a leader in “Tri-Rural” information technology. Via DCITS, it also acquired Clesun Tech, an agricultural IOT company. Further, DC Holdings invested in both Mymyty China E-commerce Company Limited, a company specializing in county-level agricultural e-commerce, and Cuncunle, a community-based social media platform. Utilizing all of these resources, DC Holdings created “Internet+Agriculture,” a distribution plan for a comprehensive industrial chain and future strategic framework oriented around “farmland, farmers, and agricultural products.” This is the first step in DC Holdings’s move into the “Internet +” market.
    • On November 18, DC Holdings officially signed an “Internet +” strategic agreement with the Heinan Provincial Government. After that, DC Holdings agreed to closely collaborate with Henan Province in Sm@rt City , big data, and “Internet + Agriculture” initiative, in order to fully implement the “Internet +” strategy throughout Henan Province. Henan Province was the first province with a population greater than 100 million to enter into a strategic agreement with DC Holdings. It was also the first central province to do so. Currently, DC Holdings has already launched its Sm@rt City strategy in four provinces.
  • October
    • On October 19, China’s first National Week for Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation was held. That day, Premier Li Keqiang tapped a touchscreen launching the Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Platform called “Online Meeting Room.” This was China’s first fully integrated innovation and entrepreneurship service platform. This is the first integrated corporate service platform constructed and operated by DC Holdings. Following in the steps of the integrated community service platform and urban comprehensive administration platform launches, it is yet another groundbreaking success for DC Holdings. Up to now, DC Holdings’s integrated corporate service platform has already been launched and is fully operational in two nationally important districts: the Zhongguancun Independent District for National Innovation and the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone. It has also been launched in the cities of Longyan, Fujian Province, and Changshu, Jiangsu Province.
    • In October, DC Holdings Software Company Limited and Digital China Limited Company partnered together to purchase a plot located in northern Haidian District for a price of 642 million yuan. The plot covers a total of 17,629.7 square meters with 52,889 square meters of planned construction area. This plot will become the future headquarters of DC Holdings Sm@rt City Industry Group.
  • September
    • On September 15, DCITS (000555), whose parent company is DC Holdings, was included in the first group of companies to receive the “National Information System Integration and Service Qualification” issued by the China Information Technology Industry Federation. DCITS was further ranked first for its expert maintenance of information system operations. At the end of 2014, DCITS was named a “National Key Enterprise for Secure and Reliable Information System Integration.” Following this, it earned a Level One qualification for information system operations and maintenance. In the future, DCITS will continue to utilize its complete service network, strong service capabilities and tools like its improved service platform to provide secure, reliable operating systems which ensure users will enjoy unparalleled and comprehensive protection.
  • August
    • On August 7, an announcement released by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange confirmed that DC Holdings sold its distribution business to Shenzhen Shenxin Taifeng Company Limited (000034.SZ) for an amount of 4.01 billion yuan. On November 24, this restructuring was reviewed and conditionally approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Taking advantage of this opportunity, DC Holdings laid out the blueprint for its new business model based around “Internet +.” After its prior distribution business is listed on the Chinese A-Shares market, DC Holdings will have a platform for independent capital and will be able to access a much wider scope of business, allowing for huge potential growth and development.
  • April
    • On April 20, DC Holdings, Shenyang Machine Tool Group and the Everbright Financial Holdings Asset Management Company Limited officially signed a strategic agreement. This agreement confirmed that the companies would closely collaborate on issues involving capital and technology, also entering into joint exploration on new “Internet +” modes for the high-end manufacturing industry.