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The Urban Domain Data Resource Center is the data supporting level for DC Holdings Sm@rt City Urban Public Information Service Platforms.

Starting from the point of big data exploration and application, the center formulates standards and regulations for the entire city’s data. It integrates data within independent and scattered application systems including population, corporations, macro-economies, and credit information, establishing trends in economic and social development such as population development, economic operation, market supervision, social administration, and public services. It also sets up a unified governmental affairs information resource management and service platform with the information of various urban facilities and the natural environment made easily available. In this way, our system fully explores and improves the value of data resources, promoting their sharing and utilization and catering to the application needs of the three platforms: citizen public services, business public services and urban operational administration. It supports scientific anticipation, intelligent decision making and increased convenience.

At the same time, an open platform for uniform urban data sharing and exchange can be set up and improved based on the business support provided by the Urban Domain Data Resource Center, the public and the government’s development of new applications, and new services which utilize public data.

Three Platforms
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    Integrated Citizens’ Service Platform

    Centering on residents’ need for administrative and public affairs services and utilizing tools including websites, citizen cards, service numbers and service stations, we rely on cloud computing, the mobile Internet and the structure of SNS technology to mass together a huge amount of government services data, social and public services data, and business convenience services data in order to provide residents with exemplary services and resources. We gather this data from aspects and areas of the city that are important to residents including transportation, healthcare, education, elder care, cultural events, tourism, employment, weather and community service. Through continuous business operations, we will build our platform into a virtual home for residents. It will offer features like social applications, e-commerce and citizen services and will drive the development of information services.

    Three Major Features of the Integrated Citizen Service Platform

    First, it is an Urban Domain Internet platform, a platform that urban residents can actually rely on for life and work.

    Second, it features integration of government and commercial services, including comprehensive civic services.

    Third, it features the incorporation of three elements: My Service, My Voice and My Space. All three elements are supported by a single service model.

    Integrated Citizen Service Platform Service Model

    The integrated citizen service model is formulated on the basis of citizen cognition, service operation and service governance. It provides an integrated service supermarket for residents, a model created exclusively by DC Holdings.

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    The Comprehensive Urban Information Management Platform

    The comprehensive urban information management platform constitutes an important part of the Urban Public Information Service Platform of DC Holdings. Starting by improving urban administrative efficiency, then integrating business information with real-time data from city sectors like commissions, offices emergency bureaus, Planning, Transportation, Public Security, Water Utilities, Environmental Protection, Disease Control, Safety Supervision, Urban Administration, and Meteorology, we can break through the boundaries of each department and establish uniform urban real-time operations statuses, along with physical sign monitoring systems. We can also provide the highest level of urban administration with support for comprehensive decision-making and macro decision-making. We also adopt imaging techniques like dashboard displays, which allow administrators to control urban operational conditions anytime and anywhere, dramatically improving the level and efficiency of contingency treatment.

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    The Incorporated Business Service Platform

    DC Holdings’ incorporated business service platform is centered on business needs as directly expressed by business owners, needs stemming from real life events, and needs expressed by operations managers. It gathers together market data, legal services, human resources services and financial services needed by businesses today to create a virtual incubator for SME’s online entrepreneurship, operation and growth. This forms a complete ecological activity chain for external operations and internal resources and business models required for businesses’ survival and development. Building a Sm@rt Business ecological system ultimately means creating a complete virtual society for business, one which can facilitate the formation of an effective industrial chain.

    Platform Advantages and Features:

    · Relies on technologies like cloud computing and mobile Internet, gathers together resources including government services, social and public services and market and professional services by means of cloud computing technology;

    · Provides individualized services that cover every aspect of users’ lives;

    · Features Four main modules: Business Networking, the Service Marketplace, the Consulting Center and Business Space;

    · Involves multi-channel Integration of webpages, mobile terminals, self-help terminals, service hotlines, smart television and government lobbying to create an integrated access experience.