Products and Services

We have presence in three major fields: rural E-governance, E-agriculture and E-business, and are ranked first in market occupancy rate. Our products and services span 31 provinces, over 2,000 towns, 450,000 villages and more than 700,000 user groups, leading the market in occupancy rate. We have spent years working in close collaboration with national ministries, committees and agricultural and economic systems from many different provinces. We have also undertaken a huge number of “Three Rural” information system projects. we pioneered the introduction of cloud computing, mobile interconnection and big data technologies into rural information fields, and we have also upgraded and released operational platforms like the Three-capital Cloud, the Sunshine Rural Integrity Cloud, and the Rural Land Cloud and applied these pilot projects nationwide, seeing an impressive corresponding increase in efficiency.

Core Products

The Urban Domain Data Resources Center is the data support level of the DC Holdings Sm@rt City Public Information Service Platform.

Taking big data exploration and application as its starting point, the center formulates standards and regulations for the entire city’s data. It integrates data within independent and scattered application systems including population, corporations, macro-economies, and credit information, establishing economic and social development trends such as population development, economic operation, market supervision, social administration, and public services. It also sets up a unified governmental affairs information resource management and service platform with the information of various urban facilities and the natural environment made easily available. In this way, our system fully explores and improves the value of data resources, promoting their sharing and utilization and catering to the application needs of the three platforms: citizen public services, business public services and urban operational administration. It supports scientific anticipation, intelligent decision making and increased convenience.

At the same time, an open platform for uniform urban data sharing and exchange can be set up and improved based on the business support provided by the Urban Domain Data Resource Center, the public and the government’s development of new applications, and new services which utilize public data.

The Registration and Transfer Management System for Contractual Rural Land Management Rights
  • Background:
    According to Document Number One of the Central Government released in 2013, the ownership registration and certification work necessary for contractual rural land management rights, along with issues like imprecise measurements of farmers’ contractual land area and inaccurate land boundaries, will be mainly resolved within five years.
  • Functions:
    With wide coverage, a strong background, convenience and security, the system serves as an all-in-one administrative model for ownership registration and certification, rural transfer, and online arbitration.
  • Market growth:
    It is expected that land ownership will hold market space of 26 billion to 40 billion yuan and employ 1.3 trillion yuan worth of capital mortgage. It is expected to share purchasing and transfer rights in the amount of 1.8 billion mu of land annually.
  • Industrial position:
    It is one of six companies qualified to handle land ownership registration by the Ministry of Agriculture. Its land registration work in Fangzheng County, Heilongjiang Province and Ludian County, Yunnan Province has set a benchmark for the rest of China.
The Shanxi Yuncheng Sunshine Rural Life Website
  • Background:
    There are a huge amount of administrative minutia involved in the management of China’s rural areas. Moreover, there are only a small amount of information systems available. A comprehensive implementation of information systems in the area is essential for improving the efficiency of overall rural management and increasing its transparency.
  • Function:
    Through one website, farmers will be able to see policies, subsidies, and even report complaints with rural administration, thus “exposing everything to the sunshine and leaving corruption with nowhere to hide.”
  • Market Growth:
    The volume of letters and calls received by the Yuncheng City government dropped by 55%, preventing a collective loss in rural capital as high as 150 million yuan and reducing administrative costs by 15 million yuan. After implementation, the city government also received high praise from He Guoqiang and other Central Government leaders, as well as those from Shanxi Province. Following this, the Open Meeting on National Rural Affairs was held in Yuncheng; after investigation and study, Yuncheng became a model for the entire country.
  • Industry position:
    全國75%In China, over than 75% of online administrative affairs are handled by Zhongnong Xinda.
Platform for Information on Property Rights Transactions in Rural Area
  • Background:
    The digital gulf resulting from inconsistent information has hindered economic development in rural area, but property rights transactions in these areas will boost social and economic development as well as farmers’ income.
  • Function:
    Incorporating agricultural elements, property rights, stockholders’ rights, intellectual property rights and other transaction services, this platform creates a unified and collected administration of property rights and service information for rural areas.
  • Goals:
    Reforming the rural property rights system, promoting the regulated and orderly transfer of rural resources, and facilitating the formation of a new pattern of balanced development in urban-rural area.
  • Market position:
    We have established a number of property rights transaction websites and fifth level rural property rights transaction centers in provinces and cities throughout China.
“Rural Three” Capital Management Software
  • Background:
    Rural three capital management software is the first step towards the informatization of rural areas. It is also a critical method for improving the quality of administration in rural area.
  • Function:
    With the management of rural capital, assets and resources as its core, it covers the main components of rural area operation and administration throughout the five different administrative levels of province, city, country, town and village.
  • Market growth:
    The penetration rate of the three capital system in all counties nationwide is on the rise, with a huge amount of market space open for expansion.
  • Industry position:
    More than 50% of China’s three capital products are provided by Zhongnong Xinda.