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By engaging with issues faced by the National Information Technology Committee of Experts, performing in-depth research of urban development paths, creatively applying information technology, and by learning from successful cases of Sm@rt City implementation in China and abroad, DC Holdings has been able to provide expert guidance to Sm@rt City government construction projects all over China. Using this methodology, local governments are able to assist urban administrators in turning Sm@rt City’s blueprint into reality and propose realistic methods for implementation.

During Sm@rt City consultation and planning, DC Holdings makes proposals on ways to settle difficult economic and social urban issues in creative ways. It does this by emphasizing reliance on an urban national economy and social development master plan, as well as closely looking at each city’s unique features and characteristics including industrial basis, spatial layout, urban environment and natural endowment. Taking all these factors into account, it then utilizes benchmark analysis and comparative research, which mainly includes following three aspects:

Precise urban position—a city’s unique traits must be carefully studied, so that the city’s competitive advantages and specific strategic objectives can be minutely defined.

Accurate Blueprint —an accurate blueprint must be drawn up for Sm@rt City construction which takes into account urban competitive advantages, potential obstacles to informatization, and the Sm@rt City development vision and overall framework.

Custom action plan and key methods—how the Sm@rt City plan can be implemented must be specifically addressed, key points of note during implementation and a practical operational model must all be carefully considered and decided.

Features and Advantages
The reasons DC Holdings has received such high praise from customers on its Sm@rt City consultation and planning processes are mainly due to the following five features and advantages:

· Emphasizing industrial transformation and improvement: Not only does the Sm@rt City plan involve technology and application fields, it also has a close relationship with the local economy. It fully considers the advantages and features of the area and how its combination of informatization, IT industry and local business can best facilitate change and promote a coordinated development of industrial chains.

· Coming from the perspective of improvements to urban development and urban competitiveness: Sm@rt City proposes carefully analyzing urban features in order to understand city strategy and define how to best improve urban competitiveness, after which it will formulate a custom plan to do so.

· Designing projects aimed at providing service: Sm@rt City strongly advocates the concept of “incorporated service” and designs Sm@rt City projects to serve businesses, citizens and urban administrators, thus attracting interest and participation from entire city.

· Integration based on existing infrastructure: Sm@rt City plans advocate collective construction models to integrate and improve based on existing informatization infrastructure. They are therefore able to lay a solid foundation to add urban infrastructure and information resource integration where needed.

· Shaping city brands with Sm@rt City: Through Sm@rt City planning and construction, we provide an exemplary image to the public that is consistent and dependable, enabling the city to attract more business and investment.

Success Stories

Since 2011, DC Holdings has been working with the Advisory Committee for State Informatization, conducting research into multiple Chinese Sm@rt Cities. Its studies include “Development Strategy, Path and Key Elements of China Sm@rt City Construction,” “Guidelines for China Sm@rt City Construction,” and “Sm@rt City Experimental Research.” These studies further enhance the quality of DC Holdings’s consulting, research, and its ability to guide at a macro level.

Having accumulated many years of experience in urban informatization planning and Sm@rt City design, DC Holdings has formed an in-depth methodology and complete framework. The Chinese cities with which it has collaborated include strong central cities, regional cities and new urban parks. Its most successful projects have mainly been located in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea Region. Sm@rt City projects have been implemented in Changshu, Kunshan, Meishan, Suining, Xuzhou, the 16 Parks in Zhongguancun, Luoyang New District, Tianjin Dongli District, Shaanxi Lintong Vacation Area, Xinjiang, Wuhan, Zhangjiagang, Yangzhou, Zhoushan Putuo District, Guangling New Town, Suzhou Industrial Park Zone, Foshan, Chancheng District, Beijing Haidian District and Hunnan Sanhao Community of Shenyang. In these projects, “Smart Industry” informatization and industrialization facilitated in-depth integration and the emergence of new strategic industries; “Smart Administration” enabled precise and perceptive urban administration and collective sharing of infrastructure; cut in through “Smart People’s Well-being” ensured residents’ lives were made more convenient and that useful resident services were built into the city’s framework; finally “Smart Governance” transformed traditional administrative bodies into service-based governments who use a modern style of administration.

Not only is DC Holdings Sm@rt City consulting and planning constrained by the scale of government investment in informatization, it has also made bold proposals to increase PPP construction and operation modelling of Sm@rt Cities by introducing service outsourcing, building-transfer (BT), business construction and operation, franchised renting and other new business models. Sm@rt City leads to new methods and diversified innovation.

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