Clesun Technology
Beijing Clesun Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2007 in Beihang Science and Technology Park, Beijing Clesun Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that was earliest engaged in R & D and large-scale application of the agricultural Internet of Things. Its business scope includes modern agricultural production control, quality tracing smart hardware, and big data platforms. It can provide real-time monitoring and intervention of solar radiation, rainfall, wind speed, and air flow for large plantation process, and can dynamically measure different soil moistures according to root characteristics of crops and grasp dynamic growth process of crop. At present, Beijing Clesun Technology has established "cloud plus end" precision agriculture control system through online testing, data processing, and analysis on cloud platform, helping companies accurately grasp planting environment and irrigation timing, and providing decision-making to realize the precision agriculture closed loop.

On July 2015, Digital Information, subordinated to DC Holdings, announced its acquisition of Clesun Technology through Zhongnong Xinda, and enters the field of agricultural Internet of Things. As an important part of DC Holdings’ smart rural area strategy, Clesun Technology will form a comprehensive strategic coordination with Zhongnong Xinda, to create another strong business landing point.

Clesun products
Agricultural Production Data Platform
  • Information gathering equipment
  • Smart control equipment
  • Water and fertilizer management equipment
  • Mobile APP
Agricultural Production Data Platform
  • Production management applications
  • Application of Agricultural Technology Service
  • Quality tracing service
  • Third-party value-added services
Smart hardware
Application Services
Clesun Advantage
  • 8 years of accumulated experience

  • Mature products and leading-edge technology

  • Most customers with mature cases

Clesun case study
  • Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Shandong Lushang Group
  • Dalian Liangnong Group
  • Dalian Huanyu Group
  • Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
  • 6th Division of Xinjiang Agricultural
  • Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops
  • Anhui Qingyang Lvyuan Ecological Agriculture Park
  • Tianjin Bodi Agriculture
  • Heilongjiang Farmland Sanjiang Qixing Farm
  • Wuhan Vernon Seedlings Co., Ltd
  • Institute of Information, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Chengde Bureau of Agriculture
  • Zhangjiakou Hejiu Group

Clesun’s customers cover three types: the first kind is research institutes engaged in agricultural scientific research, such as the Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, agricultural universities, and so so; the second is provincial-scale modern agricultural enterprises; and the third is system integration companies engaged in Sm@rt City construction. Clesun’s products and services are offered in 27 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities throughout China.