What is Sm@rt City

Sm@rt city represents a new kind of city born in the information era. It applies information technology to all aspects of city life, particularly to the processes of city planning, city services, and city administration. By using scientific methods to allocate a wide range of urban resources, it boosts a city’s competitiveness and its appeal. It facilitates the creation of an innovative, industry-based economy with a green, low-carbon and welcoming urban environment. High efficiency scientific governing methods ultimately make a higher quality of life an accessible reality for urban residents.

In its essence, Sm@rt City is a kind of city restructuring. It changes the traditional approach focused on resource input which emphasizes speed, method and volume of development. It instead adopts a method centered on resource allocation: an emphasis on matching supply to demand and paying close attention to the quality of development. On one hand, the scientific allocation of existing resources promotes large-scale social efficiency. On the other, it fosters and cultivates an environment of innovation which can boost a city’s future development potential.

Sm@rt city is a process which is constantly being developed and improved. It is based around existing urban foundations, yet uses modern methods to bring about the new from the old. Sm@rt City projects do not, however, have a single defined goal or target level; instead, they are constantly improving and innovating, keeping up with the pace of technical progress. Thus, a better way to understand Sm@rt City may be as a “Smarter City”—one that consistently makes use of new technology, methods and applications so that cities may better cater to people’s needs, striking a balance between development and environment and enabling more people to enjoy the fruits of urban development.

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