DC Holdings Information Service Limited \ [simplified Chinese name: DCITS; simplified English name: DCITS; stock code: 000555.SZ] It is China’s leading information service enterprise. DCITS has been innovating business models and technical products to lead and promote China’s “informatization” and information services for thirty-odd years. It offers professional IT services including technical services, agricultural informatization, application software development, special financial equipment and integrated solutions in key industries such as finance, government enterprises, telecommunications, agriculture, and manufacturing. Focusing on productization and platformization, with the support of cloud computing and big data technology, DCITS arranges industrial network, promotes cross-industry integration, sets up a nascent industrial state, and provides integrated IT services with professional skills and responsible attitudes for users.

  • 26 subsidiaries

  • Total assets of 7.37 billion Yuan

  • 8 platforms and business offices across the country

  • Annual turnover of 6.7 billion Yuan

  • 4,000 development and research personnel