Financial Organizations
Financial Organizations

As an important part of DCF, our financial institutions hold financial licenses in three areas: finance leasing, commercial factoring, and petty loans. Adhering to the regulations of the financial service industry and in combination of the business development demands of DC Holdings, our financial institution set a five year goal for newly increased assets to reach a level of 10 billion per year. To implement this strategy, our financial institution has established 4 key business directions: agricultural finance, supply chain finance, smart city finance, and nationwide and local petty loans.

Organizational Structure
Agricultural Finance Service

Staffed with an experienced professional team, agricultural finance provides core businesses within the field of "general agriculture" with professional, long-term creditor's solutions, matching the industry’s development cycle. Up to now, it has established extensive, deep cooperation with many agriculture industrialization enterprises at both the national and provincial levels. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the above client resources, it expanded into small and micro financial businesses in the plant and breeding industries, which gradually moved online and created agricultural internet finance.

The three steps plan for small and micro agricultural finance:

As the offline assets of small and micro agricultural finance accumulates, we will build DC Holdings’ Agricultural Internet Finance Platform and adopt direct fund-raising via internet P2P methods, making the fund re-generable;

This then turns into a rural finance management platform, which enables peasants to manage their money on the platform so that funds can be raised for small and micro rural users;

Finally, this becomes a comprehensive agricultural service platform encompassing agricultural capital, agricultural products, agricultural technological service, finance management and credit.

Supply Chain Finance Services

We analyze the characteristics of each business unit in DC Holdings, providing financial products which meet both its upstream and downstream demands. We provide a driving financial force for the development of each business unit, at the same time developing financial services for market-oriented supply chain.

Smart City Financial Services--Urban Finance Managers

Relying on the expertise of our smart city finance team, we analyze government credit, debts and local industry, communicating with external funding sources so as to meet government requirements and become the government’s urban finance managers. We provide smart city service with more access to governments and more new methods for developing government relationships.