Internet + manufacturing

DC Holding, Shenyang Machine Tool, and Everbright Financial Holding jointly set up Smart ISESOL Company. Using industry 4.0 and "Internet +" concept as the framework, smart CNC equipment as the foundation, and high-end industrial service as the channel, it integrates extensive social resources and creates a social cloud manufacturing services platform, to provide one-stop cloud manufacturing services for enterprises and individuals, and create a new manufacturing ecosystem.

  • Resource sharing to achieve capacity coordination

    The iSESOL manufacturing platform brings together regional production sources to achieve resource sharing and mutual assistance between enterprises; to resolve insufficient social production capacity caused by “information islands”, and the waste of resources brought about by excess production capacity; to promote win-win cooperation and production coordination between enterprises; and to transform adverse industry competition.

  • Social collaboration enhances China's manufacturing competitiveness

    By improving industry competition between enterprises, together with advanced smart production model, it is possible to fundamentally enhance industry competitiveness as a whole, to achieve the aim of attracting large-scale production needs.

  • Create group value for individual users

    At the same time as meeting the needs of individual production, ISESOLs personalized cloud manufacturing services also provides a good development environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Industry advantages

ISESOLs recently-released iSESOL platform enables users to place orders more easily and at a more reasonable price. It also guarantees delivery, allows transparent production and independent learning, and users can also carry out handheld rental on the platform to achieve capacity upgrade and experience the new billing mode. ISESOL becomes the main transaction subject and credit guarantor by changing sourcing and inquiry quotation provided by the existing transaction matching platform.

  • Talent advantage

    ISESOL boasts a group of manufacturing system experts and design talent, Internet platform design and R & D personnel, and Internet product promotion and operation personnel, who set up the Internet + smart manufacturing personnel team;

  • Technical advantages

    ISESOL was jointly created by leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry and the Internet industry. It boasts advanced smart equipment i5, mature manufacturing process experience and the latest cloud computing, big data, industrial Internet technology, etc.

  • Mode advantage

    As a new type of manufacturing service provider, ISESOL provides new business models – including the Internet + manufacturing ecosphere, smart equipment life cycle service, and big data value-added services - to change the manufacturing mode of production.

Core business

Thanks to the i5 technology independently researched and developed by Shenyang Machine Tool, the iSESOL platform has access to thousands of i5 smart equipment. At present, the platform has achieved access to all six types of i5 smart machines, and already has complete metal cutting capacity.

  • Manufacturing productivity collaboration

    Capacity Transaction

    Device Coordination

    Process Technology Services

  • Personalized Cloud Manufacturing

    Flexible Manufacturing

    Innovative Technology

    Personalized Customization

  • Platform Extension Business

    Big Data value-added Services

    Education Services

    Financial services

Smart cloud manufacturing base

Apply ISESOLs "Internet + Manufacturing" new business model to help local enterprises improve their technological level, quality and efficiency, build a high-end manufacturing industry chain; use the SESOL cloud manufacturing platform to share social manufacturing resources, improve equipment utilization efficiency and reduce resource consumption ; to achieve green development.

  • Information Platform
  • Smart Device
  • Technology and Talent
  • Industrial Experience
  • Policy and Financial Support