Overview of Logistics Services for Enterprises

Nationwide-covering service network, with experience in providing professional logistics service for over 100 Fortune 500 enterprises.

Overview of Logistics Services for Enterprises

Inheriting 30 years’ logistics management and operation experience from DC Holdings, IT Logistics Co., Ltd has operated independently for a decade as a domestic third party logistics service provider with strong comprehensive service strength. IT Logistics has gained much service experience in IT industry, mobile communication industry, precise instrument industry and auto parts industry etc. and has a good reputation within the trade. IT Logistics is the biggest integrated IT service provider in China--also the only supply chain solution supplier of DC Holdings. As mobile communication develops rapidly, it has ascended to the front line of service suppliers within the trade. The average total value of goods transported each year is more than 100 billion Yuan. It has experience in providing supply chain services for more than 100 Fortune 500 enterprises.

  • 2B/2C Integration Management Capacity

    For many years, it has managed the logistics operations and customer service of the trade carefully. Through the practice of long-term cooperation with several benchmarking clients, it has built a complete, unique information system and operation process of 2B and 2C business integrated services, and also established the solution process of integrating B2B and B2C.

  • Customized Team and Service

    It has an enterprising and hard-working service team who understand the industry in depth and insist on the customer-first policy. The most responsible one-on-one customer-manager system provides the services of project team. Quick response to customers' demand, with system engineer on site to solve system problems at any time, assuring throughout the process that business is finished and satisfying after-sales.

  • Whole Process Systematic Operation

    WMS warehouse management system with completely self-owned intellectual property meets the requirements of refined and personalized management through order-combined operation, batch management, SN management, visible monitoring, etc.; the self-developed TMS distribution system adequately addressed the information data interaction problem in warehouse coordination, and can provide businesses with on-the-way status via PC web page and mobile phone client program.

  • Fine Comprehensive Logistics Management

    The complete labor management system can easily and quickly realize the series of complicated management processes such as labor identity management, quick training, piecework wages, etc.; The packing material management system aims to achieve the best, safest packaging method for commodities, so as to reduce the waste of materials and effectively lower costs, to the largest extent possible.

Nationwide Coverage Service Network

As of the end of 2014, 104 cities nationwide are equipped with warehouses and branches with storage area beyond 350,000 m2. The coverage range reaches 3229 cities, and is deep enough to reach main county-level administrative regions of provinces nationwide.

The huge nationwide branch warehouses system created the most comprehensive coverage network and inventory pooling of IT Logistics; Standard operation process and self-developed systems help to replicate the business quickly and fulfill customers' demand in warehouse branching. Besides the self-owned vehicles, IT Logistics has obtained the qualification as China's civil aviation transportation sales agent, and strategically cooperated with several good domestic service providers. With strong resource-integration capacity, it provides clients with several distribution channels and optimize logistics cost for clients while simultaneously assuring service quality.

Nationwide-Unified Vertical Management

Transverse-longitudinal matrix management is adopted nationwide. From headquarters to big district, platforms, the businesses are managed by a unified process and requirements, and clients' demands are communicated to place and promptly responded to. This is good for the management of clients' service and unification of service standard nationwide so as to provide clients with a unified service experience.

All-Around Professional Client Service

According to clients' demand and industrial characteristics, IT Logistics provides services including warehouse storage, distribution, system and industry solution etc., forming a personalized service matrix.

Focus on Clients' Service Experience

Strengthen the management of the demand for differentiated services, so as to better improve user experience. IT Logistics has always focused on final customer (customers of clients) experience, and establishing service and management standards revolving around customer experience. It conducts comprehensive investigation on clients' customers before business operation and accordingly provides detailed solutions for promoting customer experience. During operation, satisfaction reviews are conducted at regular intervals, in order for all works to be carried out revolving around the core of improved customer satisfaction.

Strong Risk Control Capacity

IT Logistics manages assets of over one hundred billion Yuan in total value in daily operations. Fully covered with insurance, it possesses strong risk control capacity.

Professional Team Assuring Service Quality

Complete Training System, Focusing on Talent Cultivation

IT Logistics' over 3000 staff members grow alongside the company. Many backbone staff and talents have more 10 years’ experience in logistics management, and know business well and are good at management; The complete training system conducts warehouse leader training at regular intervals, and a good-quality talent team is formed; With first-class quality management system and first-class operation assurance, it requires certification for all key posts.

All-around Quality Safety Internal Control System

IT Logistics has passed the ISO9000 quality management system authentication as early as 2003; On the business end, there are quality inspectors. There are nearly 20 people perennially, chronically and specially in charge of various inspections of various platforms and branches operation; On the function end, there is a financial/legal audit inspection system which audits the operational flow of business departments at regular intervals from financial and legal consideration, and is in charge of various inspections of funding, payment, settlement, and contracts; For the results of quality inspection and internal audit, specific rules of reward and punishment are made, and a red and yellow card management system is employed to manage the platforms/employees.

Zeroth Step Launching by Grasping Detail

Focusing on project switching and key links during launching, carefully implementing client requirements, stably carrying forward projects and assuring smooth delivery.

  • Project Evaluation
    Project Evaluation Round-Table Conference:
    Client Requirements;
    Project Benefit and Loss Evaluation;
    IT Logistics Operational Capacity Evaluation;
    Project Operational Feasibility Conclusion.
    "IT Logistics New Business Report and Project Establishment"
    Minutes of Round-Table Conference
  • Project Preparation
    Set-up project team;
    Complete business contract matters;
    Write operation process;
    Information system preparation;
    Warehousing resources preparation;
    Transportation and distribution resources preparation;
    Potential risk evaluation;
    Project preparation dashboard management and red and yellow card warnings
    "New Project Launching Preparation Checklist"
    Minutes of meetings for each period
  • Project Trial Operation
    Project Cycle: 2 weeks--6 months
    Work Pattern: project weekly meeting
    Standard of successful launching:
    Stable KPI index;
    Meet the contract criteria of clients;
    Good satisfaction comments from clients (1-3 months)
    "New Project Trial Operation Report"
    Minutes of meetings for each period
Rich experience in customer service of the trade