Import and export service cross-border E-Commerce

Provide packages with import-export logistics and conglomerate clearance and delivery service for E-Commerce enterprises

Import and export service cross-border E-Commerce

Located in Shenzhen Qianhai Bonded Port Area, IT Logistics Import and Export provides customers with complete supply chain services from overseas delivery to clearance in domestic bonded warehouses, specifically:

1. Overseas delivery and transport
2. Warehousing in domestic bonded E-Commerce services through network and clearance for cross-border E-Commerce
3. General trade import
4. Cross-border E-Commerce network platform service

Cross-border E-Commerce import services in bonded areas

Upon approval by Shenzhen Customs, IT Logistics’ cross-border E-Commerce bonded warehouse in Shenzhen Qianhai Bonded Warehouse, approximating 4,000m2, has completed the docking with customs declaration system and now can render export E-Commerce platforms with collection and warehousing of E-Commerce bonded goods, declare customs and export goods stored in Bonded Area on behalf of individual customers, and deliver goods after clearance to them by express mail.

1、IT Logistics Import and Export has obvious regional advantages from being located in Shenzhen Qianhai Bonded Port Area

  • The State Council approved Shenzhen’s declaration of national comprehensive cross-border E-Commerce test area in 2015. Depending on exceptional advantages in goods gathering and distributing and policy support, IT Logistics reached cross-border E-Commerce turnover of approximately $32 billion in 2015, holding a safe lead among 9 pilot cities.
  • Qianhai Bonded Port Area is the only import cross-border E-Commerce pilot area in Shenzhen. The accelerated construction of the supply chain management center has turned Qianhai Bonded Port Area into a business logistics center cooperating with Hong Kong, integrating with Pearl River Delta, serving the entire country, radiating through the Asia-Pacific area and affecting the world and a gathering place for modern services cored with the supply chain management center. Large E-Commerce platforms, including Little Red Book and have entered into Qianhai Bonded Port Area.
  • Relying on specific features in Qianhai Bonded Port Area, convenient clearance policies and advanced information technology platform provided by DC Holdings Limited, domestic and overseas brands can be offered integrated services including: Logistics for unified services such as cross-border E-Commerce, bonded warehousing, procurement and distribution, trade agent, supply chain delay and inventory management.

Advantages of cross-border E-Commerce in Shenzhen:

2、Shenzhen has remarkable advantages in regards to inventory management problems, ex-warehousing efficiency problems, non-standard domestic export clearance and lack of visualized logistics progress.

  • Inventory management problem and ex-warehousing efficiency problem
  • Non-standard domestic export clearance
  • Lack of visualized logistics progress

The inventory management of multiple SKUs is unstable, especially the higher ratio of management differences during promotion.

  • IT Logistics independently developed KingKoo_LMS, including three subsystems: KingKoo_WMS, KingKoo_TMS and KingKoo_BMS. Being able to handle orders from multiple customers without classification, KingKoo_LMS deals with more than 100 thousand B2C orders each day, with its daily peak reaching 2 million.
  • With rich experience in docking ERP systems including SAP, ORACLE, Logistic-Pro and Shopex, KingKoo_LMS has successfully docked with E-Commerce platforms including Taobao and T-mall; the delivery volume on November 11, 2015 exceeded 4 million.


  • 科捷在北京、深圳、上海設有超過20年報關經驗的進出口專業服務團隊,每年進出口貨物金額高達30億美元(一般貿易);
  • 團隊深諳海關法律法規,針對跨境電商進出口,在符合海關法規的前提下,系統可依據客戶需要,將貨值、行郵稅和線上訂單、發貨單做匹配,給予客戶採購建議,實現客戶利益最大化。


  • 神州金庫物流管理系統下設金庫運配管理系統;
  • 整合國內外運代資源,從始發站到目的國內配送,對貨物進行電子化管理;
  • 對節點信息跟蹤記錄,做到發生異常時有據可查;
  • 對合作夥伴信息公開,提供e-FA系統查詢或系統實時對接等服務;
  • 用戶可以通過網站、郵件、移動終端收到訂單處理、庫存情況以及物流狀態等信息。

3、Following DC Holdings’s 30 years of warehousing management operation, IT Logistics has been independently operating as one of the earliest domestic E-Commerce logistics suppliers for more than ten years. As China’s E-Commerce starts and develops, IT Logistics has already become a favored partner for B2C E-Commerce customers.

Leading warehousing management in the industry:

Integrated solutions for logistics system:

Feasible and efficient interface platform:

Integrated resources and feasible distribution:

KingKoo_TMS with control by KingKoo_LMS manages over 200 transport companies, including domestic main express companies, and provides E-Commerce customers with efficient and transparent distribution services.

Many Top 10 brands in various categories selected IT Logistics on November 11, 2015:

1. Ranking second in the whole category of networks and mobile phones: Huawei Official Flagship Store
2. Ranking fourth in PC products: Dell Official Flagship Store
3. Ranking first in outdoor goods: Pathfinder Official Flagship Store
4. Ranking fourth in auto accessories: HBR Official Flagship Store
5. Ranking second and third in cleansers: Head-Shoulders Flagship Store, VS Sassoon Flagship Store; P&G Flagship Store
6. Ranking fourth in beauty goods: Pehchaolin Official Flagship Store
7. Ranking ninth in air purification: Yadu Official Flagship Store
8. Ranking first in pet goods: Leepet Official Flagship Store

Supporting cross-border E-Commerce network platform service (sogoso)

IT Logistics established SOGOSO, a cross-border E-Commerce trading website, in order to meet requirements of trade, payment and electronic distribution information by overseas purchasing, and WeChat sellers and direct selling merchants during export clearance. Having fully docked with the cross-border customs declaration system in Shenzhen Qianhai Bonded Area, SOGOSO can provide customers with services as an online trading platform now. Offline merchants can finish the transaction by introducing their self-owned customers in SOGOSO and obtaining online trading information required by customs, so as to form a legal and compliant cross-border E-Commerce transaction.

New import duty for cross-border E-Commerce (exempting import tariff, import value-added tax, and levying consumption tax with 30% discount) would be applied in cross-border E-Commerce import goods, and personal postal articles tax would not be applied after April 8, 2016. Customs at all ports would scale up the probation ratio, as there’s no exemption on taxes less than 50 Yuan. Apart from following this supervisory requirement in its E-Commerce trading platform and bonded warehouse services, IT Logistics can provide merchants with complete solutions as well.

Target customers:

Website functions:

The website is equipped with functions including promotion management, online payment, membership management, statement statistics, and customer services.

  • Promotion management

    The mall supports various promotion functions, including plummeted sale, reductions on fixed amounts, group buying, and combined purchasing. You can carry out various promotional activities with ease!

  • Online Payment

    The mall supports all mainstream payment methods (including AliPay and WeChat Pay)

  • Membership Management

    The website can accurately send promotion messages and emails to specific groups by using members’ detail information, including mobile phone number and email address!

  • Statement Statistics

    The mall has statements in aspects including visitor counts, bank collection and commodity sales. You can clearly master operations in the mall and render a more efficient marketing promotion!

  • Customer Services

    Customer services can help the website operate online sales, traffic statistics and website management, so as to change traffic into sales volume and visitors into customers.

Core Advantages:

Since engaging in cross-border E-Commerce export, customs in Shenzhen Qianhai Bonded Area has been strictly obeying requirements by the General Administration of Customs, and has managed “comparative examination on electronic order, electronic waybill and payment voucher” on declared enterprises. The customs supervision system has no need to be updated for it has already obeyed the new management requirement.