Overview of Logistics Service for e-Commerce

Accompanying the start-up and development of E-Commerce in China, IT Logistics has become the preferred partner of B2C E-Commerce clients.

Overview of Logistics Service for e-Commerce

Inheriting 30 years’ logistics management and operation experience from DC Holdings, IT Logistics Co., Ltd has operated independently for a decade, one of the the nation’s earliest service providers engaged in E-Commerce logistics. Accompanying the start-up and development of E-Commerce in China, IT Logistics has become the preferred partner of B2C E-Commerce clients.

  • Smart Management

    The warehouse management system (WMS) with completely self-owned intellectual property meets the requirements of lean and characterized management, such as order-combined operation, batch management, SN management, visible monitoring, etc.; The self-developed TMS distribution system adequately addressed the information data interaction problem in warehouse coordination, and can provide businesses with carriage status via PC web page and mobile phone client services.

  • Flexible Management

    Tested under the pressure of 2 million orders at peak in a single day, and has rich experience in dealing with orders at both peak and trough times. Experienced severe test of "double eleven" of 5 years (2010-2014), it has capacity in preparation for big promotional and diversified solutions design.

  • Lean Management

    The complete labor management system can easily and quickly realize labor identity management and support quick training, so that series of complicated management processes such as piecework wage, etc., can be conducted more efficiently; The packing material management system aims to achieve best-fit, safest package method for commodities so as to maximize the reduction of the waste of materials and cost.

  • Customized Service

    One-on-one client manager system; Services of project team; Quick response to clients' demand; System engineer available on-site to solve system problems at any time; Assuring that business is done and satisfactory post-sales.

Services with Nationwide Coverage

The IT Logistics network has nationwide coverage. ITL has 4 self-built logistics parks, 149 self-managed warehouses in 104 cities, large-scale E-Commerce warehouses in 8 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macao, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, etc., with storage area of more than 200,000 ㎡.

The huge nationwide branch warehouses system created the most comprehensive network coverage and inventory pooling of IT Logistics; Standard operation process and self-developed system help to replicate the business quickly, and achieve customers' demand in warehouse branching.

All-Around Professional Client Service

According to clients' demand and industrial characteristics, IT Logistics provides services including warehouses, distribution, system, and industry solutions, etc., forming a personalized service matrix.

Dedicated Team Assuring Service Quality

IT Logistics’ over 3000 staff members grow alongside the company. Many backbone staff and talents have more 10 years’ experience in logistics management, and know business well and are good at management; Experienced severe test of "double eleven" of 5 years (2010-2014), they have gained rich experience in preparing for big promotion. The complete training system conducts warehouse leader training at regular intervals, and a good-quality talent team is formed; With first-class quality management system and first-class operation assurance, it requires certification for all key posts.

Capacity Witnessed by Practice in Multiple Industries

Centering around the strategic layout of E-Commerce logistics, IT Logistics works intensively and carefully. It is close to clients and has the capacity to serve multiple industries, gaining rich industry experience.

"Double Eleven" Big Promotion Assured with Most Efforts
  • Warehouses

    According to the promotion plan for "Double Eleven" provided by clients, precisely estimate the warehouse storage and the demand of operation site, and make relevant plan in advance, including renting temporary warehouses.

  • Equipment Resources

    The equipment demands and procurement plan for "Double Eleven" are uniformly assessed by headquarter. All the equipment for production and office work is well prepared in advance through allocation, purchasing, renting, etc.

  • System

    Relying on the strong system R & D team and their development experience, and experienced the test of huge orders of 5 "Double Eleven", conduct system pressure test and performance test 1 month before the big promotion, and conduct full maintenance and update for all hardware environment. During the promotion, the technical engineers are on site to provide whole-process assurance, whole-process monitoring and report operation data so as to assure all links running smoothly.

  • Personnel

    IT Logistics’ over 3000 staff members quickly gather at various promotion site during "Double Eleven" and work as the core of site operation; What's more, IT Logistics has established long-term strategic partnership with good labor companies in many areas so that laborers with strong operation experience can be allocated on site so as to assure sufficient labor on site.

  • Process, Training

    Make national unified training plan for the big promotion in advance, and determine the staff and posts. Self-owned staffs are trained into professional all-rounders, and contact staff and supporting staff are trained to be familiar with the business process of their posts. Staff taking key posts must pass the test and verification and work with certification.

  • Carrier Resources

    Prepare and survey the carriers for big promotion in advance; Make special service commitment for "Double Eleven" campaign; Strictly manage and control the implementation; Assign special personnel to monitor and manage each link at promotion site, so as to assure all links including package reception, transfer and delivery, etc., are on time and accurate; Make temporary emergency deploying plan, in order to assure the express service quality.

  • Client Service

    Deploy experienced client service representatives to respond to clients' demand promptly; Establish exception-handling system and compensation access, and handle any exception problems and reassure clients in the first stage so as to maintain high-level DSR under pressure of large quantities of orders.