Overview of DC Holdings Treasury System

Self-developed by combining more than 10 years’ experience in logistics operation; Support cloud service mode and real time data interface

Overview of DC Holdings Treasury System
Independent R&D

Combining more than 10 years’ operational experience, IT Logistics researched and developed DC Holdings Treasury System independently.

Four Sub-Systems

Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation and Matching System (TMS), Budget Management System (BMS)

Cloud Computing Storage

IT Logistics has more than 200 self-owned warehouses which don't need to be equipped with servers. Safe, convenient, low cost

Real Time Data Interface

DC Holdings Treasury System comprehensively integrated with clients' systems and partners' systems, actualizing real-time data exchanging.

e-Commerce Enterprise Preferred WMS

Treasury WMS guards the E-Commerce business for multiple brand enterprises such as P&G, Toread, HP, DELL, Lenovo, Pechoin, Delsey, etc.

Experienced the Test of "Double Eleven" Promotions of Five Years

During "Double Eleven" in 2014, the treasury WMS easily supported 2 million orders delivering in 72 hours.

Fast Interface, Speed Order

Engaged express services including Shunfeng, Yunda, Shentong, Yuantong, EMS, etc. Electronic waybill number are available and back-glued bills are printed at speed of 0.7 seconds/apiece.

Comprehensive Solution to Personnel Management

System functions include fast filing according to personnel, piecework wage, simulation drilling, etc., and easily and orderly managing the booming labor during "Double Eleven".